World History (AP)

AP World History is an academic yearlong course that is meant to be the equivalent of a freshman college class. This course covers the history of the world from approximately 600 CE to the present, with early emphasis on the foundations of world history. The coursework will be based on college level texts, primary source documents, and outside readings. A special emphasis will be given to historical writing through essay and document based questions (DBQ), In addition, the course devotes time to lecture, oral presentations, simulations, exams, computer based assignments, and side projects. AP World History grants equal coverage to all regions of the world.

The Six Central Themes

APWH highlights six overarching themes that should receive approximately equal attention throughout the course beginning with the Foundations section. We will use these themes throughout the course to identify the broad patterns and processes that explain change and continuity over time. 

1. Interaction between Humans and the Environment: 

Demography and disease                            Patterns of settlement

Migration                                                           Technology

2. Development and Interaction of Cultures:

Religions                                                           Science and Technology

Belief systems/philosophies,                   The arts and architecture

and ideologies

3. State-building, Expansion, and Conflict:

 Political structures/Govt.                         Empires

Nations and Nationalism                           Regional/Transregional/Global Organ.


4. Creation, Expansion, and Interaction of Economic Systems:

Agriculture/Pastoral Production           Industrialization

Trade & Commerce                                      Capitalism & Socialism

Labor Systems

5. Development and Transformation of Social Structures:

Gender Roles and Relations                    Racial & Ethnic Constructions

Family & Kinship                                          Social & Economic Classes

6. Change and Continuity: The relationship of change and continuity across the world history periods covered in this course.


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