Team Handball Notes

Team Handball


General Rules

  1. Handball is a fast pace game involving two teams of seven players who pass, throw, catch, and dribble a small ball with their hands while trying to score.
  2. The game starts with a jump ball, signaling that each team may move into its opponents side of the court
  3. The throw off is the method of starting play after every goal, the ball must go to the center then play can resume.
  4. Only the goalkeeper may enter the goal area-offensive players may jump throw into the goal area.
  5. Players may use any part of their bodies except their lower legs and feet to stop, hit, catch, or throw the ball
  6. They may not touch the ball twice in a row unless dribbling it, fumbling it, or passing it from one hand to the other meaning in effect they may not throw it to themselves
  7. Players can hold the ball for only 3 seconds before passing, dribbling, or shooting.

players may take only three steps after catching the ball. if players dribble, they may only take another three steps (3-3-3, is 3 steps, 3 dribbles, 3 steps)


Fouls and Penalties

  1. A free throw awarded for playing the ball illegally
  2. A player takes the free throw on the spot where the offense occurred,unless it occurred inside the free throw line.
  3. Players may not steal or strike the ball from other players, obstruct them with their arms or legs, or treat them roughly


Throw ins, Goal throws, and Corner throws,

  1. If the ball goes out of bounds over the sideline, the team that did not touch it last is allowed to throw from that spot
  2. If a ball that was last touch by an offensive player or the defending goalkeeper goes over the back line, the goalkeeper is awarded a goal throw out to a teammate


Additional Rules

  1. Goalkeepers may defend the goal with any part of their bodies, including their feet
  2. It is never out on the goalie when it is coming off of a deflection.


Please watch the video below and write 2 sentences on something you learned through observation.