PE Syllabus

PE Syllabus

Course Overview: The Analy High School physical education department is based on the premise that physical activity and participation are important for all students, regardless of their level of athletic skill or ability. Throughout various activities, students in our program will learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. In addition, we hope to instill enjoyment of physical activity, as well as an understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness.

Note:  2 years (4 semesters) of PE credit is required to graduate

Student Expectations:

  1.   Respect each other
  2.   Follow directions
  3.   Be prepared for class – dressed out
  4.   No cell phones, headphones, make-up, food, drink (except water), or gum in the activity area
  5.   Keep your locker and locker room clean
  6.   All students must be in PE uniform (available for purchase or checkout)

Evaluation Process: – The following will be used to determine grades:

  1. Participation Points – each day of PE is worth 20 points. In order to receive all 20 points you must:

*     Attend class (Absences can be made up with tutorial)

*     Dress out completely in the proper PE uniform (PE shirt, shorts, and/or sweats, and closed-toed tennis shoes)

* Participate in the class activities the entire class period

  1. Written Work – PE notebook, quizzes and tests
  2. Non-dresses and partial non-dresses must be made up during tutorial or by appointment with the instructor.

Since PE is an activity based course the class must be made up through physical activity.

If a student is absent on a Monday (50 min. class) only one tutorial (30 min) is required to make-up full points. If a student is absent on a block day (90 min class) two tutorials (60 min) is required to make-up full points.  This will help us stay in compliance with the California Education Code that requires students to have 400 minutes of activity every 10 days.

Tutorial will consist of students dressing down and participating in a selected activity with the instructor to make up full points.

All absence make-ups must be made up by the end of the academic quarter they were absent during. All non-dress/partial non-dress, and limited participation points must be made up within a week of the day that points were lost.

  1. Grading Scale:

* 90 – 100% = A

* 80 – 89% = B

* 70 – 79% = C

* 60 – 69% = D

* 0 – 59% = F

PE Uniforms:

* Every student is suggested to purchase the official AHS PE shirt, shorts, and sweats, but checkout T-shirts and shorts are available.

* T-shirt and shorts are $25.  Individually they are $15 each.  Sweats are $35 for the set or $20 individually.  If you purchase the shirt, shorts, and sweats together it is $55.

* If you forget your PE uniform, we have a loaner clothes program.  You borrow a uniform from your locker room supervisor (only 5 sets of loaners per locker room), participate in class and you will receive full credit for the day. Collateral is required to borrow a loaner.

* Altered uniforms will result in a non-dress.

* Uniforms MUST be taken home on Thursdays/Fridays to be washed, and brought back ready for Monday.


  1.   Each student is recommended to have a lock, which we rent out for the school year for $5.
  2.      Do NOT share lockers; you are responsible for your own locker and your own uniform. If you leave your items in someone else’s locker and they are absent, you will lose your points for the day if you do not dress out.
  3.   Be sure to keep your locker locked at all times. The locker room is not always locked or supervised and anything left open or sitting on the benches is not safe. Please lock your lockers during class and after class and double check that your lock is locked.

Illness/Injury Policy:

If you are well enough to come to school, but feeling too ill to participate in PE class, or have an injury that prevents you from participating, you must do the following:

* Bring a note signed by a parent with a contact phone number


* Participate to the best of your ability or through a modified activity that your PE teacher recommends.

If you have an injury that prevents you from participating longer than one week, a doctor’s note will be required.

Phone Policy:

*No cell phones are to be out during class time unless otherwise directed by your teacher.

*Earphones are not permitted during class time.