At Home Make Up

Make-ups must be supervised by a parent/guardian.  Only the parent/guardian can verify the make-up through email or a note for full credit.  This can only be done up to 3 times per quarter.


Make-up exercises:

Warm-up: 30 seconds of jog in place/30 seconds of butt kickers/30 seconds of high knees/30 seconds of in-place alternating lunges


Air rope- 50 reps

Air squats- 15 reps

Alternate Lunge- 10 reps each leg

Push-ups- 10 reps

Flutter kicks- 40 reps (20 each leg)

Plank- 35 seconds

Mountain Climbers- 30 reps (15 each leg)

Push-ups- 10 reps

Side plank- 20 seconds each side


Email verification to